The singer's most notorious outbursts revealed...
Heather Steele
13:04 18th July 2011

Whether he's laying into the Prime Minister and calling him a "silly twit" at Glastonbury Festival, berating the latest pop sensation or simply putting pen to paper and having a good old gripe through his lyrics, Morrissey is never far from cutting – and often controversial – comments.

Madonna, Oasis, Kylie Minogue, Bob Geldof, Kate Middleton, Lady GaGa, Vic Reeves, Robert Smith, Dermot O Leary, Sigmund Freud, Richard Madeley, his fans, people with 'long hair': no one is safe from a Morrissey tongue lashing, not even The Queen.

Here Gigwise has compiled a selection of The Smiths frontman's most famous – and infamous – quotes and comments from over the years.

What have we missed? If you can think of any more, remember to add them in the comment section below.