Withnail & I, The Big Lebowski, take a bow...
Alex Winehouse
13:06 5th July 2011

As Jamie Foxx confirms his role in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, we decide to honour the King of Cult by taking a look at some other iconic niche-market films that have been made over the last sixty years.

Finding the right mix of trash and genius isn't easy to find, but once it is, no true film-maker should ever let go.

With films to his name such as Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown, there is no doubt that Tarantino is one of the top dogs of cult movie making, but there are others, too, that deserve our attention.

From Plan 9 From Outer Space, through This is Spinal Tap, right up to the cinematic beast that is The Big Lebowski, come with us as we show you what it takes to make a cult film, and who the best exponents of the trade have ever been.

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