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jason gregory

10:52 25th October 2010

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A new survey has found the most popular bands that people listen to when they want to go to sleep at night.

The poll, conducted by Travelodge, was topped by Coldplay, while Michael Buble came second.

Other sleep-inducing bands included Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Snow Patrol and singer Taylor Swift. A total of one in four people fall asleep with their iPod on, the study found.

Do you listen to music to help you fall asleep? Who do you listen to? Let us know your thoughts in the comment form below.

  • 10. Radiohead

  • 9. Leona Lewis

  • 8. Barry White

  • 7. Mozart

  • 6. Taylor Swift

  • 5. Jack Johnson

  • 4. Alicia Keys

  • 3. Snow Patrol

  • 2. Michael Buble

  • 1. Coldplay

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