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09:04 19th August 2010

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It's one of the most pondered questions in music, but most people seem to be afraid to ask it: Who is the most overrated band in history?

Not to shy away from a little experiment, Gigwise decided to ask that very question to our Twitter followers recently, and the results were more than a little interesting.

Allowing people to nominate either bands or artists, and say why they didn't like them, the names that came back included some of the biggest musicians in history. You can see our twenty favourite – from the funniest to the most bizarre – in our round-up below now.

If there are any you think should be included, or indeed disagree with, then please leave your suggestions in the comment form below. And don't forget to follow Gigwise on Twitter.

  • The Libertines. A cheap car crash for the Topshop generation. (via @LouisWarner)

  • Lady Gaga. She's released 3 albums of basically the same material. It's good, but not brilliant. She's trading on her bizarre appearance & performances. It's been done better by people like Madonna, who is truly innovative. (via @GrammarPunk)

  • The Strokes. Every song sounded the same. (via @DaveNoddyGough)

  • The xx. How did music to sleep to get to be hyped? (via @FamousROb)

  • David Bowie. Showtunes in the style of the Velvet Underground, like 'Avant Garde The Musical'. (via @Country_Steve)

  • The Beatles. They were good, but if John Lennon had lived long enough to become shit (eg Cliff Richard), it'd be a different story. (via @HayleyUnlikey)

  • Guns N' Roses and Slash - generally shit. (via @Robbieflash)

  • U2. Do I need to explain? (via @Grace_Says)

  • System Of A Down. Reason: Because they're shit and more people need to realise it. (via @Karloh)

  • Hate to say, but its gotta be Arcade Fire for me..There album isn't even that gd. So many better bands who should get deserve the hype (via @HughPatrick)

  • The Verve, especially during the 'Urban Hymns' era, the epitome of shit for me. (via @DJCnet)

  • Oasis. Oasis. Oasis. Sooooo overrated. Most of their songs are EXACTLY the same. (@Merlo84)

  • Nirvana. Most of the songs was the same and the reason they got bigger was because Kurt shot himself. (@GazBestInTown)

  • Probably blasphemous, but I always found all Hot Chip songs to be so incredibly boring and generally a bit rubbish. (via @Jrcby)

  • The Kooks. Why? They bought into their own hype. (via @JordanJoice)

  • The Doors. Sixth Form poetry over soulless backing. (via @Country_Steve)

  • The Pixies. Never really seen the appeal yet they still seem to be really popular. Pulled a huge crowd at Reading the other year! (via @PhilBlackman)

  • The Clash. Bad singing, bad guitars, no tunes. (via @CountrySteve)

  • Dire Straits. Your man Knopfler can play a good guitar but he can't sing for shit. And 'Sultans of Swing' - I just don't get it. (via @WelshRosie)

  • Hanson. Mmmbop. It was amazing. Underrated really. (via @Maitlandwaters)

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