It's amongst Dirk Denoyelle's creations...
10:30 16th March 2010

A Belgian comedian has depicted Michael Jackson's changing faces through the decades via the medium of LEGO.

Away from his day job, 45-year-old Dirk Denoyelle rediscovered his childhood passion for LEGO ten years ago and set himself the task of making 30 LEGO busts of celebrities.

Last year Dirk became only the second European and ninth person on the planet to hold the  'LEGO Certified Professional' title.

As well as the late Michael Jackson, Dirks creations include Lego busts of Elton John, Albert Einstein, Hargrid from Harry Potter and a host of famous Belgians.

You can see Jackson and Elton John below or you can check out more of Dirk's Lego creations here