Actor turns attention to music...
jason gregory
16:48 16th March 2009

Robert Pattinson, star of the teenage Vampire series Twilight, has spoken about his desire to collaborate with Will Young.

The actor, who has previously spoken about his ambition to launch a music career, said he believed his voice would work well with the former Pop Idol star.

But he admitted that he was concerned Young might not have heard of him.

“Will has a great voice and it would blend really well with mine but I bet he has no idea who I am,” he told ANI. “But you never know.”

As previously reported on Gigwise, Pattinson told the LA Times last year than music was his “backup plan if acting fails”.

A song by the 22-year-old actor is included on the soundtrack to Twilight, which is due for release on DVD on April 6th.

Robert Pattinson