Featuring string vests, garish outfits and plenty of flesh...

13:38 18th November 2008

Photos: Splash News / WENN / Shirlaine Forrest / Carsten Windhorst

Santogold – At Beck's Fusions in Manchester this summer Santi shocked us all with this late eighties nightmare of an outfit. Just what was she on?!

Patrick Wolf – The nymph like musician has worn some damn bizarre clothing creations in his time, but this one, unveiled at the 2008 BT Digital Music Awards, is perhaps the strangest and vilest.

Beth Ditto – The Gossip singer has never been afraid to flash a bit of her flesh and this skin-tight dress leaves very little to the imagination. In fact she's spilling out of it from almost every clothing orifice.

Flea – The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist out and about in Los Angeles. Now we know why he appears semi naked on stage; he has absolutely no concept of style.

Tom Meighan – Seemingly in a bid to look patriotic at Live Earth in 2007, the Kasabian frontman thought it would be a good idea to wear a Union Jack shirt. He ended up looking like a knobhead tourist. Nice try though.

Johnny Borrell – Whoever told the Razorlight singer that tight white jeans and a nipple-flashing T-Shirt combo looks good really needs shooting. Not just hideous, it's downright offensive.

Pete Doherty – Here is Mr Doherty pictured in his trademark scruffy suit attire leaving Amy Winehouse's pad earlier this summer (we can only imagine what they were getting up to). Despite being a relatively successful musician, it seems Pete can't afford a new pair of shoes.

Britney Spears – Shortly after her mental meltdown and Britney clearly didn't care about her appearance. She looks like Waynetta Slob's younger sister.

Amy Winehouse – Over recent months Wino has been slowly turning into Scottish comedy creation Rab C Nesbitt with her string vest, unkempt look and dirty finger nails. Shocking.

Aretha Franklin - The singing legend appeared at the 2008 Grammy Awards wearing a gargantuan fur coat. We're not usually ones to preach about animal welfare, but how many furry animals were killed to make that?! Dozens, maybe hundreds at a guess.

Courtney Love – This is what happens when you hang around too much with Elton John. Love appeared onstage with him at a fundraiser in London a few years back and proceeded to wear his 'wacky' garments, looking like a fool in the process.

Axl Rose – Okay it's a bit unfair of us to dig out photos of Axl from almost two decades ago, but this boots and skin tight shorts concoction is so hilarious it deserves a place on the list.

Kate Nash – Stick Kate on a red carpet and you can 100% guarantee one thing: she'll wear a hideously ugly creation.

Juliette Lewis – Hardly complimenting her less-than voluptuous physique, this silver all-in-one outfit is far from an inspired wardrobe choice.

Lovefoxxx – The Brazilian singer has been a purveyor of all-in-one outfits since CSS first burst onto the scene a two years back. This faded, psychedelic effort is easily the most ghastly of them all.

Steve Tyler - A 60-year-old man wearing a pink outfit from head to toe, now that's just plain wrong.

Elton John – Famed for his gaudy outfits, we were spoiled for choice with Sir Elt. This peacock costume is one of the most ridiculous even by his own high standards.

Michael Stipe – Nowadays he looks resplendent onstage in a smart suit, but back in the early nineties Stipe's orange top, beret and girls' sunglasses combo left a lot to to be desired!

Michael Jackson – On his way to his child sex trial in 2005, Michael Jackson was in such a bad mental state he forgot to get dressed out of his pyjama bottoms. Doh!

George Clinton – When it comes to funk legend George Clinton he's not just renowned for his weird dress sense, it's has come to define him. This number from the 2006 hip-hop awards is just one shining example of his gloriously poor taste.

Tommy Lee - He's rarely pictured with a top on. Bad enough, but these tartan shorts together with his penchant to show off his skinny frame are a dreadful combination.

Bjork - Just as brilliant as it is ludicrous, when Bjork put on her strange multi-coloured hat at the Hammersmith Apollo in London this April it turned out to be a fantastic PR stunt. In fact it secured her almost as many column inches as when she biffed that photographer in 1996.

Flavor Flav - The zany Public Enemy man is a unique character who likes to dress in a unique manner. These are just two of countless, strangely endearing fashion nightmares the 49-year-old has unveiled over the years.

Peaches – Peaches is one hell of a sexed-up machine so it's never a big surprise when she appears scantily clad onstage. Just like Juliette Lewis, she lacks one important thing though – taste.

Dee Snider – As if the make-up isn't frightful enough, we have to also see aging The Twisted Sister frontman's midriff at live shows in all its wrinkly non-glory.

Justin Hawkins – The aesthetically challenged rocker was responsible for a resurgence in all-in-one leotards with his former band The Darkness. Now he's back with Hot Leg and he's still looking like a tired cliché. Perfectly apt for his music, then.

Joss Stone – The night of her 2007 Brit Awards nightmare. Despite the irksome drawl and annoying Amy Winehouse impression, a more immediate issue is what the fuck was she wearing?!

Mika – He clearly likes to think of himself as a colourful character does our Mika. So, every time he appears in public he dons a hideous luminous jacket or other such garment. The twerp.

Dr Spock – Admittedly few people have ever heard of this Icelandic band, but their dress sense is so dire it's well worth a mention. Aside from the obvious mask, we get leather gloves and hats and zebra skin jackets. Lovely.

Kid Rock – Almost everything Kid Rock wears is a disaster. The naff gold chain, perma-sunglasses and stupid hat all combine calamitously.