This gig alone made a 3-day weekend ticket worth the money - absolutely amazing stuff
Cai Trefor
16:24 28th August 2017

Muse played the gig of the year so far at Reading Festival last night, with crystal clear sound that belted out to the far back of the site.

Hearing the likes of 'Plug In Baby', 'Hysteria', and 'Supermassive Blackhole' - that are so ingrained into the sonic fabric of Britain - was as memorable as live shows at British festivals get; thousands passionately sang in unison.

One thing that also makes an outstanding live act, is a feeling that there's no other show quite like the one you're seeing. Seeing them play the instruments that they've custom designed themselves, and a stage show equipped with huge laser's, art-directed performance visuals made for an immersive experience; and one that showed how dedicated the band are to being the best in the world. Their riff heavy material also propelled the set, with only a couple of slower, melancholic intros taking away from their brazen heavy sound that hits at their Refused / Primus influences.

Ultimately, no other headliner of the weekend came close - and the level they're at has attracted the respect of Brian Johnson, “the best rock vocalist the country has ever seen” (Matt Bellamy). Him using Muse as a backing band for 'Back In Black' for the first song of their encore. It could be a hint that Ac/DC will headline Reading next year, too. Fingers crossed.