Romania's most sophisticated music festival is relentlessly entertaining yet again
Cai Trefor
14:39 16th July 2017

Close to 40,000 people gathered for headliners Alt-J, who are on a world tour in support of their third album, Relaxer. Having earned themselves such a coveted slot they were well equipped to live up to expectations.

The spectacular show was down to their ambitious visual and aural standards. There was enough bass to unsettle the tectonic plates and dozens of on stage two metre tall LED lights beaming out in a Pink Floyd style epicness were lapped up. Hearing synths and multi effects on the guitar pushed to the limits of capacity was captivating to watch, and Alt-J proved they are a band that have to be seen live to be get the most out of.

The high point of a rapturously received set came, naturally for their global smash, ‘Breezeblocks’ – there wasn’t a roar that loud from the crowd the whole weekend.

Having a marginally bigger attendance than Alt-J were Subcarpati, Romania’s most popular hip-hop group. They combined elements of dancehall, Romanian folk music, and even classic rock with their hip-hop. The cadence of the Romanian as a Romance language like Spanish or Italian was stunning to hear rapped. Despite not being able to understand the lyrics it was evident from the crowd connected with them in a big way.

Other highlights included a high energy DJ set complete with pyrotechnics and confetti guns and lazers from Duke Dumont. The best moments came when long passages of solely instrumental deep house would give way to a pop hit, elating a well-inebriated audience. Meanwhile, Soom T was the finest MC we’ve seen all weekend with a speed of flow to the jungle and dub mixes unparalleled in our recent memory.