UNKLE's first Romanian show in 15 years was greeted by adulation
Cai Trefor
13:53 15th July 2017

Crystal clear blue skies thrilled revellers in Electric Castle who were there to see performances from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Nero, UNKLE, and Tommy Cash.

UNKLE took the sunset slot and showed why head honcho James Lavelle should be up there with Damon Albarn as the coolest serial collaborator in the game. Hearing the new single 'Looking for the Rain' (feat. Mark Lanegan and Eska) nailed in the absence of the original collaborators was sublime. Hellish kaleidoscopic screen visuals (screen visuals were sublime throughout) and moody black attire heightened the theatrical impact and sophisticated sense of drama. Other hits, originally recorded with Ian Brown, Keaton Heston, and DJ Shadow, were played and nailed thanks to the high level of musicianship by the touring musicians in their place. The set did feel more like a hit-laden band set than it’s ever done - watch them soar when the new album's released.

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, meanwhile, was a different kettle of fish. Cash is quite obscene in his approach to hip-hop and bizarre like Die Antwoord. Likewise, he's a powerful enigma and rarely will you see one man on stage captivate so many thousands of people. The ill-fitting tracksuit and slick backed long hair and over confident body language merely add to his charm.

Earlier in the day, Dub Pistols gave the performance of a lifetime with their four MC's tacking back and forth before all coming on at the end to take a verse each as hoards skanked on the pit floor.

Day three continues today as rumours of a secret beach stage and parties inside the castle continue to spread. The best of this festival may be yet to come.