Featuring Blossoms, London Grammar, The Amazons, an actual wedding and many more unforgettable moments
Cai Trefor
17:09 30th June 2017

Glastonbury is now over but the experience still seems with us as the festival never fails to be an elixir for life.

One thing that we love about this festival is it's brillant at accommodating so many different styles of music and always the very best within whatever area it's putting on. Gigwise photographer Ellen Offredy spent her time soaking up the very best new guitar bands, who will undoubtedly make it onto the main stage sooner or later. She also caught the secret set Blossoms played on the introducing stage as well as some of the indie world's most celebrated heroes, such as Goldfrapp and one time Kurt Cobain collaborator Mark Lanegan.

Of course, being Glastonbury, not everything went to plan at all times and delightful opportunities seem to come out of nowhere. One of these for Offredy was an impromptu invitation to a wedding in a Tipi field. One thing seems clear though, wherever this lens went, there was a lot of beauty to be captured and with these photos you can't help but feel in the moment with her.