The kings of neo psychedelic bring their hazy sun-kissed melodies to London
Cai Trefor
13:10 31st March 2017

Temples are currently in the midst of a European tour. The 'Sun Structures' stars, who once earned themselves an album of the year spot at Rough Trade with their debut album, are touring the second album, and receiving heaps of praise for it so far.

Tracks from the record, named Volcano, are earning a reputation that equals or even surpasses the excellence of the first album. The band's intention which with it is to: "capture the uncapturable - the human spirit.” That may sound like the fixation of individuals who spend their time floating around esoteric bookshops coming up with abstract ideas outside the prescribed norm but it does work as Brixton was totally mesmerised last night. Check out the photos to see what a dazzling stage show they had.