Because Glasto is a world all of its own
Andrew Trendell
10:29 17th June 2016

Glastonbury - arguably the most legendary festival on the planet, the place were musical history is made. But there's way more to Glasto than the big bands. Forget the Pyramid Stage for a moment, and go and explore the countless wonders and curiosities around Worthy Farm, as Glasto is basically a world completely unto itself. 

Most festivals just erect a few stages, book some bands and let the good times roll, but not at Glastonbury. From circus to theatre, politics to poetry, campfire sing-alongs to all-out raves, there's something for everyone hidden in the many, many corners of Worthy Farm. You could probably spend the whole weekend just getting lost in the curiosities and experience on offer beyond the main stages - never seeing any bands at all.


There's a hell of a lot to take in, so here's our guide to the most awesome areas at Glastonbury festival.