Who doesn't love the British summer?
Andrew Trendell
10:51 13th June 2016

Festival season is upon us, and with a few months of music, sun, cider and the open air, the time is now to surely enjoy the best of what the British Summer Time has to offer, right? Except, things never turn out quite how we dream. 

Just as the good people of this weekend's Download Festival can confirm, the chances of getting a tan at a UK music festival are often pretty slim - you've more chance of getting trench foot. 

You're soaked through from a day of waiting in the rain to catch a glimpse of your favourite band from a great distance, you're surrounded by burkes who insist of doing mud slides, there's no chance of shelter and you arrive back to find your tent is flooded and the festival now resembles a scene from Waterworld. 

Well, to help you feel pretty smug if you're not off to Glastonbury this weekend (it is going to rain), we've gathered a whole bunch of really depressing festival photographs. Don't you just feel dead inside?