Who wouldn't want to buy a 'Matt Healy as Jesus' t-shirt?
Alexandra Pollard

11:41 20th April 2016

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The obsessive passion of certain fanbases is joyous, inspiring and - sometimes - a little weird. In the best possible way.

If it wasn't for the little touch of weirdness, after all, we wouldn't be able to buy a t-shirt depicting Matt Healy as Jesus, or a Kurt Cobain plant pot, or hopelessly impractical Muse earrings. And where would we be without those? Nowhere, that's where. 

Here's the weirdest pieces of fan-made merch on the internet. 

  • The 1975 ‘Matt Healy as Jesus’ t-shirt: To many music lovers, Matt Healy is basically the second coming, so it makes sense to depict him as the actual messiah in t-shirt form. (source: etsy)

  • Foo Fighters nail varnish: "SAME EXACT PRODUCT as Rapid Nail," reads the product description, proudly, "but with a FOO FIGHTERS LABEL~!!" Fair enough.

  • Harry Styles sad frog mug: If you're passionate about One Direction, and you're passionate about slightly outdated memes, this is the mug for you. (Source: etsy/Memeskins)

  • Muse earrings: In theory, if you're a die-hard Muse fan, these are kind of cool - it just seems like they'd probably really hurt your earlobes after a while. (Source: etsy.beatlestitch)

  • Taylor Swift prayer candle: What is it with fan-made merch and prayer candles? This is one of the better quality ones we came across, but it still conjures up images of some creepy Taylor Swift shrine. (Source: etsy/theholyspearit)

  • Kurt Cobain plant pot: Was Kurt actually quite green fingered? Did he enjoy pottering around the garden when not with his Nirvana band mates? We're still waiting to find out, but whoever made this plant pot clearly knows more than us, as it makes absolutely no sense right now. (source: etsy/PlatcatDesign)

  • Robin Thicke wall art (Source: etsy/VividEditions) - Why would anyone fancy hanging a picture of Robin Thicke on their wall? Nobody wants that guy anywhere near their house, even in unnerving photo form.

  • Korn friendship bracelet: Got a friend that you don't really like? Need to tell them that you don't want to hang out with them anymore? Easy - just hand them a Korn friendship bracelet and they'll ditch you instead. (Source: etsy/LoveArtAndMusic)

  • David Guetta 'get well soon' card: While we would never claim to be medical professionals, we're pretty sure that sending someone a well-wishing card with David Guetta on the card will have the opposite effect. If anything, that awful pun will make them feel even worse. (source: etsy/TheFidorium)

  • Iron Maiden Russian dolls: This is a rare piece of fan merch that is so bonkers it kind of works - in that, it makes absolutely no sense and is utterly pointless. Only for the hardcore Maiden fans, we reckon. (Source: etsy/myrussiandoll)

  • Drake greetings card: Nothing says 'Congratulations on your graduation' like Drake's face on a card. (source: etsy/ExGirlfriendsCards)

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