All the hints, teasers and info in one place
Cohan Chew
12:09 27th January 2016

Rihanna’s last album, Unapologetic, was released in 2012, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for almost four years. Since then, Rihanna has been teasing pieces of information about her new album, including samples of tracks and namedropping collaborators. Finally, it seems that ANTI is almost upon us. 

Rumours have been floating around about the album, ranging from which tracks will appear on the album to who was behind the recording process to who wrote the songs. Rihanna herself has crushed some of these rumours but has conversely confirmed some of them too.

Of course, if you’re a Rihanna fan, you’ll already know all of the information surrounding her latest record, but nonetheless, here is everything we know about Rihanna’s highly anticipated eight-studio album.