From Woodstock, 1969 to The Beatles' final ever gig on top of a London roof
Alexandra Pollard
15:40 22nd January 2016

As a general rule, I tend to come out in a rash the minute someone (*cough* Noel Gallagher *cough*) starts whining about the state of music today, and how much better things were back in their day. But there are a few events for which my anti-nostalgia sensibility is willing to make an exception. 

Woodstock in 1969, for example, or The Beatles' final ever (completely unannounced) gig on top of a roof in London. Then there's Ella Fitzgerald forgetting the words to 'Mack The Knife', and 100,000 people clapping along to Queen's 'Radio Gaga' at Live Aid.

Music is great in 2016. It really is. But when it comes to these 14 historical moments in music, you can't help but wish - for a fleeting moment - that you were born in the '40s. Unless you were born in the '40s, in which case many congratulations to you.