To celebrate John Paul Jones' 70th Birthday, we revisit their best tracks
Andrew Trendell
10:58 3rd January 2016

3 January, 2016: To celebrate John Paul Jones' 70th birthday we have ranked Led Zeppelins best tracks. From 'Stairway To Heaven' and 'Whole Lotta Love' via 'Black Dog', to their folk explorations on Led Zeppelin III, this list gives some back ground to the rock classics that have made the world a better place.

John Paul Jones has had a remarkable career so far. He started out as a session musician as a teenager before meeting Page when he was playing in The Yardbirds. The two connected musically and were considered virtuoso's of their instrument. With such a powerful ability, the two recruited Robert Plant after he was refred to them by Terry Reid. Page saw Plant do a version of 'Somebody To Love' at a college gig in Birmingham and knew straight away they had their man. With Plant's friend Bonham convinced to be the drummer, the New Yardbirds as they were first named, were born then in 1968.

They soon changed their name to Led Zeppelin and conquered the world - setting the bar musically and writing the rule book in terms of how to behave and dress like proper rock stars. What was really special about Led Zeppelin was how each band member was important as the last, each irreplaceable, as was proved when Bonham passed away and the band ended. 

Since then John Paul Jones has continued to make great music in other groups, forming his solo group and performing in Them Crooked Cultures and with Seasick Steve. Meanwhile, there's always hope there could be another reunion and we'll see Jones team up with Page, Plant, and Bonham's son, Jason again.