Maybe old but still gold - from Garbage to Jimmy Eat World
will butler
13:20 18th November 2015

Experience a blast from the past with reissues. "But isn't it just a scam from the record companies to bleed old material for capital?", we hear you cry. Maybe, but that doesn't mean they're not awesome. It's hard to get original copies of some of your favourite albums so why not settle for bonus tracks, better sound quality and dyed wax?

The sound has been revamped and there are sometimes re-designs of album artwork. The vinyl regeneration has recently been accreditted to the hard-spent cash of the millenials and if we know anything about anyone aged between 16-25 right now is that we have the collective depth of a teaspoon. So it makes sense that record companies draw this bargain for us, they'll give us all these superficial extras in return for our unquestionable dedication to the format.

Here are 16 of the coolest record reissues of this year so far and to come.