The band played a two-part spectacular in Camden last night
Alexandra Pollard
22:17 15th November 2015

In a career that has so far lasted a quarter of a century, Suede have admirably resisted any temptation to reinvent themselves as anything other than Suede.

Tonight's show at the Roundhouse reinforces the wisdom of this approach at a show split into two sets. The first is a play through new album, Night Thoughts, and the second a greatest hits set that can draw from more effortlessly crowd-pleasing songs than any of the band's peers could call upon.

By this showing, the new album is set to carry on the band's mid-career renaissance into 2016 and beyond. Opener 'When You Are Young' fills the Roundhouse with overblown strings and swirling soundscapes, before the band come on to drive it forward with the pounding rhythms Suede turn to when looking to make an entrance (think 'Introducing the Band' from Dog Man Star).