If you're stuck for ideas for the weekend

The clocks have gone back, a winter chill overcomes as and darkness sets in much earlier. Yes, Halloween is almost upon us. 

Every year, costumes get harder and harder to think up. You could just put in some fangs or throw a sheet over yourself, but that would be crap. There are some rock stars out there who either a little spooky or just have a certain look about them - why not pay tribute to them and look amazing?

Here are just 14 Halloween costume ideas for rock stars this weekend. 

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  • Bono: This one's quite simple - just don a pair of colour-tinted sunglasses and adopt the Jesus pose at every possible opportunity. If you have a friend, tell them to pop on a beanie and they can be The Edge.

  • David Bowie: If you can't be bothered to wear a full-on costume, you could just take off all your clothes (optional) and paint a red & blue lightning bolt on your face and you've got Aladdin Sane-era Bowie. Also, what better time to dust off your old red mullet wig?

  • Andrew WK: Even if people don't exactly get the reference, it's still a pretty damn good Halloween costume because you will have blood dripping down your face - and look awesome in white jeans and white t-shirt. It probably won't be quite as realistic as this though, which looks like Andrew WK has actually just been punched in the face.

  • Lorde: Dark purple lipstick, curly long hair and any black clothes. '90s choke necklace optional but encouraged.

  • Patti Smith: This Horses artwork is one of the most recognisable and, dare we say, iconic album covers of all time. Not THE most recognisable of course, but dressing up as The Beatles is for squares.

  • Prince: Take one wig (the style depends on what era of Prince you prefer), apply one very weak moustache and adopt an aura of haughty aloofness.

  • Marilyn Manson: The dark lipstick here is even more important than it is for the Lorde costume. Also key - white make-up, black eyeliner and, if you're really committing, those contact lenses that look like cataracts.

  • Alex Turner: If you're going for current Alex Turner, you'll just need to style your hair into a quiff and dig out your sharpest suit. A costume you can recycle next year when you go as Elvis.

  • Lady Gaga: Coat yourself in glue and roll around for 6-8 minutes almost literally anywhere.

  • Ozzy Osbourne: The more under the influence of various substances you become throughout the night, the more accurate your Ozzy Osbourne impression will become.

  • Wayne Coyne: Be as colourful and flamboyant as you dare with this one. Our personal favourite would have to be the truly horrifying muscle suit, which you can pair with a silver tassled jacket, and then spend the evening inside one of those massive plastic balls.

  • Bjork: If you're going for Biophilia-era Bjork, then the bigger the wig, the better. We are not exaggerating. Your actual head should be both barely visible and trembling beneath the weight of the wig.

  • Miley Cyrus + Robin Thicke: Actually, no. Not even for Halloween.

  • Freddie Mercury: Looking like a legend is just a moustache, yellow jacket and pair of white jeans away.

Photo: Wenn/Press