All press is good press, right? - damning reviews of Oasis, The Smiths and Nirvana
will butler
16:07 20th October 2015

'Instant Classic' is a phrase that's thrown around far too much, we can all agree. Classic albums have to be put through the ringer, they have to fare well on the road and gain new fanbases years after they first drop. In short, classic albums aren't always born, they are made - a big part of this is being slated by the press.

Many of these albums we consider modern musical canon. Nevermind, 36 Chambers, OK Computer - just some of the names of these 'essential' records are instantly met by mass agreeance, but not by everyone.

For every glowing reviews and avalanche of gold stars, there are always fickle reviewers out there willing to shit on the records you love for an outrageously average freelance fee. Here are 17 classic albums that were originally slated by the press.