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James Moore

10:49 8th October 2015

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With their first two studio albums, Your Favourite Weapon and Déjà Entendu, Brand New solidified themselves as vital contributors to the revival of the pop-punk and emo-rock scenes, alongside cult bands like Taking Back Sunday (their arch enemies) and Thursday.

But with their next two LP’s, they re-emerged as a wildly intelligent band, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me and Daisy spiraling off into darker and heavier sonic worlds that were soaked in incredibly rich and diverse production, establishing the band as truly heavy hitters in the post-hardcore landscape.

After throwing caution to the wind and diving head first into a more focused but chaotic sound, the results were pretty spectacular. WIth a cult like, worryingly loyal fanbase and influences spreading far and wide, they spawned a sea of imitators, as well as some genuinely great bands with their own identities. Here’s our pick of the good eggs...

  • Manchester Orchestra - Longstanding friends and touring partners with Jesse Lacey and co, the band released You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm, but Brilliance Needs a Good Editor two years after Brand New’s Déjà Entendu, their early record is steeped in similar tones of melancholy and regret. The band also evolved in a similar fashion to Brand New, coming into their own with the release of Means Everything To Nothing in 2009, a record that dialed everything up to 100 with heavier instrumentation and a clearer focus. Ironically, they’ve actually been far more prolific than their old friends.

  • The Xcerts - This Aberdeen three piece supported Brand New for a number of UK dates when they were touring their latest record, (unfortunately that’s still a fact) Daisy. Released a year after Daisy, the band’s second album Scatterbrain has a number of distinct sonic similarities, from the viscously distorted guitars that screech throughout to the cracked and unrelenting vocals from Murray Macleod that scream for some Lacey contributions. Although borrowing heavily from Daisy, it’s a stirring and powerful record that has a darkened, swampy atmosphere all of its own.

  • Basement - This Ipswich five piece recently supported Brand New at their Alexandra Palace show last month, playing to a huge crowd. With their 2012 LP Colourmeinkindness, the band clearly tipped a hat to their pop punk and grunge influences, showcasing melodic vocals over sludgy and hard hitting instrumentals reminiscent of cult acts like Sunny Day Real Estate and a little band from Long Island called...Brand New.

  • Bloc Party - This may be a little out there, but we’ve got a feeling that Kele Okereke and the rest of the gang have had a little listen to Brand New over the years. On standout tracks like ‘Two More Years’, Kele implements a layered, detailed vocal style that was introduced very distinctly with tracks like ‘The Archers Bows Have Broken’ on Brand New’s first foray into the truly magnificent,The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. Both tracks conclude in epic and chaotic fashion, vocals swarming relentlessly over one another.

  • The Hotelier - More in vein with the heart wrenching emo undertones of Deja Entendu, The Massachusetts band burst into life with intelligent, heart on your sleeve cuts reminiscent of Brand New%u2019s earlier work. Listening to The Hotelier%u2019s %u2018Among The Wildflowers%u2019, you%u2019d be forgiven for mistaking Christian Holden%u2019s melodic and perfectly pitched screams for Lacey%u2019s.

  • Kevin Divine - Longtime friend and touring partner of both Brand New and Manchester Orchestra (He formed Bad Books with Andy Hull and Lacey executive produced his album with The Goddamn Band) Kevin Divine forged his own sound and path, but with clear influences from the peers who surrounded him during his formative years.

  • Defeater - The Massachusetts hardcore band formed in 2004 and boast flashes of infectious melodies amongst even their heaviest offerings. Harder moments are reminiscent of Daisy, whereas acoustic led numbers like 'Brothers' on their storming LP Empty Days And Sleepless Nights are powerfully heartfelt tracks that send you back to more understated moments from Brand New, particularly on Deja Entendu. Check out Defeater to hear how hardcore should be done.

  • Touche Amore - Formed in 2007, this post-hardcore band strive for unrelenting vocals over rich but distorted instruments that will smash you through several concrete walls. With their 2011 album Parting The Seas Between Brightness And Me, the band embraced the shuddering wall of sounds that are littered throughout the darkest moments of Daisy.

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