Here's everything we'd like more of, and a few things we'd like taken down a notch
Alexandra Pollard
11:40 6th October 2015

The 1975 are releasing a new song this week. If you're a fan of the band (and, if you're reading this, the chances are pretty high) then you'll already be aware of that. So dedicated and fervent is the band's fanbase, you probably all knew before even we did.

We've always been big supporters of The 1975 at Gigwise - and it was with the delight of a proud parent that we watched their success blossom over the past few years. And now, with the good intentions of a still-proud, but possibly mildly overbearing, parent, we've got a few pointers we'd like to make.

Here's what we think should change, what should stay the same, and what should evolve, in the new music of The 1975.