It's a long way off but that's no reason not to start getting exciting
will butler
12:04 9th September 2015

Glastonbury is the king of festivals and deserves to be treated as such. For anyone hasn't had the fortune of attending before, the trick for conquering this almighty live music haven is being prepared. Get your tickets as early as possible, sort your transport and figure out what bands you really want to see and which to avoid like the plague.

Right now, there's not a huge amount of information about Glasto 2016 but there is enough to make a start on your summer preparations. We've got a pretty good idea of who one of the headliners is going to be and all the information regarding the purchase of tickets which, if you hadn't guessed already, is a pretty important part of enjoying the festival experience.

Here is everything we know about Glastonbury 2016 so far.

For tickets and more information, visit here.