Just remember, there's no such thing as a bad Radiohead album
will butler
10:39 7th September 2015

Maybe the most dangerous feat in a music journalists career, it's considered an occupational hazard ranking the Radiohead albums. This is because, as well as dedicated, Radiohead fans are fervently aggressive. Though, we think this is a good thing, it's that passion that fuels the debates that make it so much fun to be a lover of music and, more specifically, Radiohead.

Everyone has their favourite and will most likely defend it until their dying breath. Over eight albums and countless innovations, Radiohead have outgrown their status as just a 'seminal band', they're a full on cult movement. Is OK Computer the best they ever accomplished? Was Pablo Honey actually that bad? Who cares about Amnesiac? These are the questions we're going to attempt to answer.

Here are, subjectively, the Radiohead albums ranked from worst to best.