From Tinie Tempah's license plate to John Lennon's suit
will butler
14:58 3rd September 2015

This week in 1995, the online auction and shopping site, eBay was founded. For many, it's the home of great deals and for others, it's somewhere to dump pictures of all your odds and ends in hope that some sucker will want to pay money for them. The more daring of eBay users will charge literally thousands of pounds for things that they have lying about the house, but wait until we tell you what they are.

A special edition pressing of Jimi Hendrix's debut album, a Michael Jackson Ipod nano, a microphone Jim Morrison used on stage. This is kind of stuff that's available right now on eBay just waiting for you to dig deep and drop your life savings on a suit John Lennon wore once.

Here are 14 of the most ridiculously priced pieces of music memorabilia on eBay.