The Japanese metal idol trio prove the surprise highlight of the festival
Alexandra Pollard, Will Butler

14:26 31st August 2015

29 August 2015: Babymetal woke Reading up on Saturday morning with their completely bonkers and mind-blowing set.

As the lights dimmed on the main stage, we were treated to a Star Wars/Stanley Kubrick style epilogue roughly outlining the future of the metallic arts. Their was a loose narration about the integrity of the music, the metal God and Babymetal - the band who are going to unlock metal's most hidden secrets.

Their backing band donned gothic white face paint and played unreal BPMs effortlessly. The Babymetal trio took vocal and performance responsibilities, as they pranced around the stage with seriously impressive choreography. It's not easy to dance well to dance music, let alone speed metal.

At the back end of the set, Babymetal cut away to another visual prompt telling of Babymetal's rise to fame and the mantra behind true metal being true bravery. If we could understand any of the band's lyrics, we might identify some plot, but the gist of this intermission was to make a stand against bullying by - wait for it - inciting a wall of death.

Maybe the earliest wall of death in Reading history, the probably hungover crowd raised their devil horns in the air and clashed with an almighty chorus of groans and laughter.

Photo: WENN