Less Heartbreak hotel, more Break hotel - from Keith Richards to Amy Winehouse
Will Butler
12:25 27th July 2015

One of the most infamous tropes of being a rockstar is having no consideration for hotel facilities. Along with destroying instruments and overindulging in substances, mistreating hotel rooms is a top priority for any of rockstar to-be. 

However, there are some hotels that aren't just notorious for having musicians leave there marks in the form of shattered windows and cigarette burns, sometimes they make their homes there. But more often than not, the rockstar species has been more of a hindrance to the hotel community than it has been a help.

For better or worse, here are 14 hotels and the rockstars that made them famous.

  • The Hotel Chelsea, New York: Not a hotel renowned for it's mistreatment but actually for it's long-stay policy. Residing in Manhattan, the Chelsea became a home for many writers, musicians and artists including Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen and Iggy Pop. Despite being immortalised in numerous songs and writings, the Chelsea will unfortunately always be associated with the Sid Vicious stabbing of Nancy Sprungen inn 1978.

  • Andaz West Hollywood, California: Due to it's proximity to clubs like 'Whisky a Go Go', Andaz became the perfect accommodation for rockstars in the 60s and 70s. Unsurprisingly destruction became synonymous with the hotel. Notable incidents include Keith Richards tossing a TV out the window in 1972 and Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, riding a motorcycle along the hallways.

  • Holiday Inn, Flint, Michigan: The most significant collision between the music and hospitality industry. Celebrating his 21st Birthday in 1967, The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, managed to reverse a Lincoln Continental into the hotel swimming pool while looking for a change of clothes. He surfaces and is greeted at gunpoint to spend a night behind bars.

  • Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal: Some people go to Barbados for their honeymoons, others stage bed-in protests in Hotels to oppose the Viet-Nam war. This is what John Lennon and Yoko Ono did for theirs. The Queen Elizabeth saw the couple record 'Give Peace A Chance' so it was still more productive than most of our lie-ins.

  • The Edgewater Inn, Seattle: Known as the 'shark episode', The Edgewater Inn housed one of the strangest rockstar moments in history. The type of fish is disputed however the abridged version of the story involves members of Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge catching mudsharks, hanging them up in wardrobes and using these fish allegedly perform sexual acts during a party.

  • Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok: The only thing more important than making a great entrance is making a greater exit. Stuffed to the brim with drugs and prostitute resin, Billy Idol once spent 3 weeks indulging himself into oblivion in his suite in Bangkok. The hotel was forced to call in the Thai Army who shot Idol with tranquilliser darts after he refused to leave his hedonistic fortress.

  • Hotel Opalen, Stockholm: Jimi Hendrix's performances were unhinged and unpredictable and this was an attitude the artist brought back to his hotel rooms too. After a show in Sweden in 1968, a guest on the floor below Jimi reported a loud disturbance. Hendrix was found lying on the bed covered in blood after tearing the room apart with his bare hands. The guitarist was transported to hospital and then spent two weeks in detention.

  • Sanderson Hotel, London: Following a summer of rehab treatment, Amy Winehouse was reported to have trashed her hotel room after a fight with her husband. The two left the Sanderson Hotel battered and bruised and allegedly cause nearly 9,000 pounds worth of damage.

  • Sanctum Soho, London: Metallica's Kirk Hammett once said that he wrote the iconic riff for 'Enter Sandman' at 3am while staying at Sanctum Soho. The building must have inspiration plugging the walls because the management give you the option to hire guitars at the reception desk.

  • Covent Garden Hotel, London: After a gig at Bush Hall in 2007, Courtney Love celebrated her 43rd birthday by laying waste to her hotel room. Leaving burn marks all over the place, the staff described scenes of "a wild animal" spending the night there. Love's rep said that the damage was caused by a friend "leaning on a table". Unless the table triggered a Mouse-Trap style domino effect resulting in lit matches being fired in all directions, we find this hard to believe.

  • Hacienda Motel, LA: Sam Cooke was shot in this motel's premises after chasing a woman. It's heavily debated whether this woman was escaping Cooke's sexual advances or whether she was a prostitute that robbed the soul singer. Cooke chased the woman to the motel manager's office where he believed she was hiding. When he broke down the door he realised the woman wasn't there but was shot in the chest with fatal consequences by the manager.

  • The Columbia, London: Adjacent to Hyde Park and with reasonable rates, The Columbia is London's equivalent of the Chelsea but with a more cheap-and-cheerful aesthetic. Frequented by the likes of Oasis and Johnny Marr, The Columbia is not a place for bands to flex their destructive tendencies but to unwind after a long day of travel.

  • Sheraton, Poughkeepsie, NY: Marilyn Manson went on a hospitality rampage one night in 1998 destroying both his dressing room and four hotel rooms after a show. Manson and members of his band set fire to a T-shirt and smashed lighting equipment in their dressing room. The hotel rooms didn't get off lightly either, with scorched carpets and black hair dye staining the bathrooms - the total cost of the night's debauchery was $25,000.

  • [unknown]: Although the name of the hotel was never disclosed, Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee tells a disturbing story of a time the band were on tour with Ozzy Osbourne. The former Black Sabbath icon doesn't recall but Lee describes a scene in which Ozzy defecates on the hotel floor and smears in on the wall for no discernible reason, poor cleaning staff.

Photo: Wenn