Sam Smith is the bookies favourite but who could do a better job?
will butler
13:00 20th July 2015

With the announcement that the movie theme for the new James Bond film has been recorded, the bets are on to see who the artist behind the music will be. Rumours have been circulating that UK songstress Ellie Goulding will be the singer based on a mysterious "Live and Let Die" tweet she released in May and more recent rumours have pointed toward Sam Smith. The artist in question will have follow Adele's commercially ground-breaking 'Skyfall', not an easy job.

The Bond theme needs to be sleek, gritty and memorable. There are only a handful of artists that have the suavity and moxy to handle such a heavy responsibility. Spectre looks to be Bond's most volatile and gritty venture yet so the artist behind the theme will have to be able to match the intensity of the action.

Here are 11 artists that we think would write great Bond theme songs.