Exclusive, beautiful shots of the High Flying Birds man
Andrew Trendell
11:29 21st June 2015

20 June, 2015: Sir Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds stun the Best Kept Secret crowd in Holland. Check out our beautiful, exclusive photos from his set here. 

The chief Noel Gallagher closed day, two arriving on stage just after his 22:45 allocated timeslot. It was a rather fleeting performance (for a headline show) with just an hour played. Consequently it was very much business as usual for Gallagher who has spent the best part of 2015 on tour and who played a shortened version of the set that he has been parading across the world this year.

Choosing to open with 'Everybody’s on the Ru'n from his debut solo record, followed by the mighty 'Lock All the Door's from Chasing Yesterday, a personal highlight was 'You Know We Can’t Go Back' and it remains a mystery why this wasn’t the album’s lead single given it’s breezy melody and effortless sing along chorus.

Gallagher of course also threw a number of Oasis numbers in the mix; 'Champagne Supernova', 'Digsy’s Dinner', 'The Masterplan', 'Don’t Look Back in Anger' and 'Fade Away' were all included, which, given the abridged nature of the set list, lead to what felt like a more of a nostalgia show than artist (in theory) still promoting a new record. There were no complaints from the huge crowd though who lapped up songs old and new, even if it was in manner far more reserved (and civilised) than their British counterparts. The curtain was done on day two, no to wait for further delights on day three.