After the reaction to Thomas Bangalter's cameo, here's some more
Alexandra Pollard

11:21 19th June 2015

Last week, an eight-second clip of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter sitting on a sofa was viewed on YouTube more than 30,000 times. We doubt even Beyonce could rack up that many views by sitting motionless on a sofa. Why the fascination with Bangalter then?

Well, it's quite simple - Daft Punk never, ever show their faces. Thus, even when they're slightly balding, middle-aged men with glasses reading a magazine, the general public will receive  the footage like precious gold.

It's not just Daft Punk either. There are a surprising number of bands - Slipknot, The Knife, Deadmau5, Gwar - who are rarely seen in public without some sort of mask. It's a canny way of encouraging a sense of artistic mystique and, at the same time, walking along the street undisturbed.

Most of them though, at some point or another, have allowed their mask a day off to satiate their fans' curiosity. Here's 11 times that happened.

  • Daft Punk

  • Daft Punk unmasked

  • Slipknot

  • Slipknot unmasked

  • Deadmau5

  • Gwar

  • Gwar unmasked


  • SBTRKT unmasked

  • Pussy Riot

  • Pussy Riot unmasked

  • Doom

  • Doom unmasked

  • Kiss

  • Kiss unmasked

  • Is Tropical

  • Is Tropical unmasked

  • Lordi

  • Lordi unmasked

  • The Knife

  • The Knife unmasked

Photo: WENN