Danish group brings new album to the capital
Sean Kerwick

09:55 21st May 2015

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May 20: Mew took to the stage at London's Roundhouse to perform one of the biggest shows of their career. Check out our exclusive photos from the night here.

Having received some of the best reviews of their career with new LP + -, Mew performed a spectacular set in London last night. Kicking off with the driven broody opener 'Witness', the band proved they are on top form for the evening, they trump 'Witness' with the soaring melodies of 'Satellites' before drawing from their back-catalogue. Peaks of the night came in the form of 'Special', 'Am I Wry? No' and closer 'Comforting Sounds'.

Check out our exclusive photos in the gallery.

Mew played:

'The Zookeeper's Boy' 
'The Night Believer' 
'Silas the Magic Car' 
'Snow Brigade' 
'She Spider' 
'Water Slides' 
'Am I Wry? No' 
'Saviours of Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December)' 
'Medley (Clinging To A Bad Dream / The Zookeeper's Boy / Louise Louisa)' 


'My Complications' 
'Comforting Sounds' 

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Photo: Richard Gray