It sounds strangely like Boards Of Canada

10:14 5th March 2015

Following in the footsteps of Run The Jewels cat-focused side project, scientists have managed to create music for cats to chill out to.

Created from the examination of cat calls, which tend to be an octave above human voices, scientists found that cats reacted positively to the sounds. By positively, we mean they moved their heads toward the noises or rubbed themselves against the speakers. 

According to the Huffington Post the process involves “mimicking natural cat sounds, using sliding notes and high pitches — cat calls tend to be an octave or more above human voices. The researchers based the tempo of the songs on purring and suckling sounds.”

They even have their own Genres, which you can find below: 

Kitty Ditties:  "Playful and quick, these incorporate stylizations of some of the animal calls that are of great interest to cats. A little like sonic catnip, Ditties are meant to arouse interest and curiosity. When ultrasonic playback devices become available (sometime in the near future, we hope) these songs should be even more appealing."

Cat Ballads: "Just as the pedal drum provides the hearbeat in human music, the swish, swish of these ballads provides the sound of suckling in feline music. The Cat Ballad should be restful and pleasing for your kitty (perhaps for you too)."

Feline Airs: "The purr is to cats what the moan is to humans. It can express pleasure or pain, but most importantly, it draws sympathetic emotions from the listener. The timing and cyclic rhythms of purrs are remarkably consistent among all breeds of domestic cats - the Feline Air is based on the pulses of the purr."

Listen to 'Rusty's Ballad' below, which sounds oddly like Boards Of Canada 

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