PKN will be the first punk act to perform at the song contest
Alexandra Pollard

09:52 2nd March 2015

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A punk band comprising musicians with learning disabilities has been selected to represent Finland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The group, who will be the first punk band to compete in the competition, formed during a charity workshop, and were the subject of the 2012 documentary The Punk Syndrome.

Its members, some of whom have Down's syndrome and others autism, will perform their song 'Aina Mun Pitää (I Always Have To)' at Eurovision, which is being held in Vienna this May.

Listen to 'Aina Mun Pitää' below

Speaking to Finnish broadcaster YLE, singer Kari Aalto said, "Every person with a disability ought to be braver. He or she should themselves say what they want and do not want."

Bassist Sami Helle told The Guardian, "We are rebelling against society in different ways, but we are not political. We are changing attitudes somewhat, a lot of people are coming to our gigs and we have a lot of fans. We don't want people to vote for us to feel sorry for us, we are not that different from everybody else - just normal guys with a mental handicap."

The band are currently 5/1 to win the contest, making them third favourites behind the contestants from Italy and Estonia.

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