He told Facebook he would be selling tickets at triple the price
Jasmine Cowler

10:21 1st February 2015

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A music fan has been warned he could face a lifelong ban from Manchester's Parklife Festival after boasting of his intentions to sell tickets at triple their price.

The man was informed of the possible decision after writing on his Facebook page: ""I bought 12 tickets and I will be selling them at triple price on the day of Parklife. It's all business."" 

Festival director, Sacha Lord-Marchionne responded to the news by telling the Manchester Evening Herald: "Ticket touts are the absolute bane of our lives. At sporting events it's illegal but we're not a sporting event so sadly it goes on.

He continued: "And it really annoys us and it really annoys customers. I know for a fact at the last Parklife tickets were changing hands for £300. It's just ripping people off. So when I saw that I thought 'I have to do something. We've cancelled the tickets and refunded them and we'll put them back on sale."

The man later claimed he was 'framed' by his ex-girlfriend, writing on Facebook: "My ex-girlfriend put up all that stuff about my buying 12 tickets and selling them triple price. She is jealous cos we broke up and I’m flying out to Amsterdam tonight".

Parklife will take place this year on 6-7 June in Manchester. 

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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest