Bieber and Ariana Grande also lost over a million each
Andy Morris

08:47 19th December 2014

Rihanna, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have all lost over over a million Instagram followers each, following the site cleaning up the site from spambots and fake accounts.

Thanks to the so-called Instapurge this week, a number of prominent musicians have been hit hard by the revised service. Revised stats from the site (compiled by International Business Times) reveal that Beyonce now has 21.4 million followers (lost 866,000), Justin Bieber 20.3 million (down 3.5 million), Ariana Grande 20.2 million (down 1.6 million), Selena Gomez 18.5 million (1.1 million), Rihanna 13.3m followers (down 1.2 million) and Katy Perry 10.8 million (down 300,000). 

Perhaps most embarassing of all Mase, the 90s rapper still best known for guesting on 'Mo Money Mo Problems' lost 1.5 million of his 1.6 million followers. He has now deleted his accccount.

Kim Kardashian is now the most popular celebrity on Instagram with 22.2 million, despite losing 1.3m fake followers herself.

In clarifying why accounts would be deleted, Instragam announced this week: "We're in the process of fixing an issue that incorrectly includes inactive or fake accounts in follower/following lists. We want to maintain the best possible experience on Instagram, so we do our best to remove spam, fake accounts and other people and posts that don't follow our Community Guidelines.

"As we remove these accounts, some people may notice a decrease in their follower/following counts. When we remove accounts from Instagram that don't follow our Community Guidelines, you may see a decrease in your follower count. This shouldn't affect engagement from authentic accounts that like and comment on your posts."

Rihanna is widely rumoured to be releasing a surprise album in the near future, although no further details have been revealed so far.

Photo: Wenn