Band have played more gigs than anyone since 2010
Andrew Trendell

12:24 17th December 2014

The 1975 have not only been named as the hardest working band of 2014 - but it's also been revealed that they played more gigs in a year than any other band since 2010.

The band, who enjoyed universal success with their chart-topping self-titled debut album in 2013, have spent the last year touring pretty relentlessly to their increasingly massive fanbase the world over - cracking America in the process. 

Now, Songkick report that they've played more shows than anyone else this year - and more than any other band in four years. 

Statistics show that Matt Healy and co have played 195 shows in 29 countries, travelling 249724 kilometres and lapping the world six times over. They rank ahead of nearest rivals Future Islands, New Politics, Against Me! and St Vincent. 

“Touring this past year has been a really humbling experience. Our album was pretty much the story of the last decade of our lives, to see so many people around the world connecting with it has been incredible," said The 1975 in a statement. "We are very proud of our fans, they really understand what we are doing and the shows are an extension of that feeling."

See the stat charts from Songkick below

The 1975 have recently been touring America, and hope to enter the studio soon.

"We're just so busy," frontman Matt Healy told Gigwise earlier this summer. "So crazy busy and just making so much music for ourselves and other people and our next record. We're enjoying it -  we're just exhausted".

"The new record it's very much in the works, we're not talking about it yet because we want it to be as coherent as the first record, we want it to be conceptual but not kind of naff. I think that we don't know enough about it yet, even though we've been writing so much, we don't know what's going to make it on the record and what's not.

"We're just gonna take it easy and not talk about our second record until we've finished this first one, but it's going to be good I promise you that."

"I think it's quite nice talking about it because it means it'll be happening some time soon," George Daniels added. 

 Watch The 1975 discuss their next album with Gigwise below 

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