Britpop icon tweets that his post-Oasis project have split up, thanking fans for support
Andrew Trendell

16:02 25th October 2014

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Sad news for fans of Beady Eye, as Liam Gallagher has revealed that the band have officially split up. 

Many fans were eagerly awaiting news on the band working on their third studio album, but hopes were dashed today when frontman Liam Gallagher tweeted that they had met their demise: 

Formed by Liam from the ashes of Oasis along with bandmates Gem Archer and Andy Bell, the band released two albums together to mixed reviews from fans and critics. Their last, BE, was released in 2013 to a largely lukewarm response. 

The band fought against much adversity after guitarist Gem Archer suffered a skull fracture, forcing the band to pull a string of live dates. Since then, they returned to the road for string of massive UK headline shows, but have been largely quiet ever since. 

 Watch the video for 'Shine A Light' by Beady Eye below

Many fans may now live in hope of Liam launching a solo career, as an Oasis reunion grows increasingly unlikely - especially after the growing success of brother Noel's solo career, as he prepares for a massive arena tour and the release of second album, Chasing Yesterday. 

Below: What the critics had to say about Beady Eye's last album, BE

  • Clash: "Shades of light and dark ripple throughout and keep the listener guessing. They traverse rhythms and sounds to add depth and clarity that was previously lacking. 8/10"

  • The Fly: "This follow-up has its share of 'spread your wings and FLAAIEEE' hokum, but also moments that remind us that we'd miss Gallagher if he went. 3/5"

  • DrownedInSound: "Oasis were, for a short while, capable of making disposable, derivative, nostalgia-inducing rock music that appealed to the masses. If BE accomplishes anything that Different Gear, Still Speeding didn’t, it is to finally confirm the notion that if not for the massive popularity of Oasis, no one in their right mind would ever, EVER have signed Beady fucking Eye. 0/10"

  • Mojo: "When it works it's genuinely exciting, but too often the brave retro-futuristic collision is neither fish nor fowl. 6/10"

  • The Guardian: "In come motorik krautrock/Velvet Underground rhythms, a brass band, disoriented guitars and an eerie narrative on man's capacity for destruction featuring the words of a murdered French Revolutionary. At best, exiting the comfort zone can lead to a strange and fantastic place. 3/5"

  • Q: "Insofar as BE succeeds, it's largely down to the reinvigorating effects of New York producer Dave Sitek. 6/10"

  • Uncut: "A bold leap forward in the mould of Paul Weller's recent psych-inspired reinventions. 7/10"

  • Metro: "It may be more complex but Beady Eye's second album still can't touch early Oasis for songwriting magic, which came courtesy of Noel. Still, it's better than many of that band's tired and bloated later offerings."

  • Shortlist: "There's little denying that Liam Gallagher and Beady Eye sound refreshed here with the production twists of Dave Sitek...there are strung-out epics and short punchy nuggets sung by a man with renewed fire in his belly."

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