Bands urge council not to demolish buildings
Andrew Trendell

17:11 10th October 2014

Arctic Monkeys and Drenge are among the local bands who have pledged their support to a campaign to prevent the demolition of buildings and Sheffield that would close down a number of independent businesses.

Residents have rallied against a planning application from Sheffield City Council to demolish buildings on the popular Devonshire Street of the South Yorkshire city - replacing them with apartments, cafes restaurants and closing down local favourite hotspots, record store Rare and Racy andvintage clothes emporium, Syd&Mallory.

Now, Arctic Monkeys' drummer Matt Helders has made his feelings known: 

Also Drenge, who are from Derbyshire but found their feet as a band playing Sheffield's vibrant music scene, added their support with a post on their website titled 'STOP KNOCKING DOWN OUR CITY'

"Sorry to make another post about planning permission in Sheffield but I feel it’s a necessary one.

"There’s a proposal to demolish 162-170 of Devonshire St. This affects some of the area above Devonshire Green. The bloodthirsty council clearly can’t get enough of the apartments and restaurants and cafés clamouring for space in the city centre. What with the proposal to demolish a large proportion of the city’s Cultural Industries Quarter, it’s as if Sheffield’s arts and design heritage is of no interest in the face of more Costas, Gregg’s and Subways.

"162-170 houses a number of independent businesses, two of which make Sheffield the city it is today. Rare and Racy is a second hand book and music shop that smells of burning incense and always plays free jazz whenever it’s open. It’s a hugely important place, not just to me but to anyone else who has been introduced to a novel or a record, not through recommendation, but through complete fluke. It’s presence in the city is silent and composed but vital and enriching all the same.

"Syd&Mallory’s is an independent clothes shop that specialises in handmade and vintage clothes. They’re responsible for the wonderful outfits we both wore at Reading Festival this year. It’s the third time they’ve changed premises in the 8 years I’ve been aware of them and when I popped my head in recently it seemed that - right next to R&R they’d found somewhere to settle (with a stunning shop front).

"I’m only raising this as a matter of interest for Sheffield folk but if you have any connection to these premises please make a statement on this City Council forum and alert others who may be interested."

Visit the application here to make your comments. 

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