The New Zealand singer is an alter-ego of Randy Marsh
Ed Keeble

09:17 9th October 2014

South Park has expanded on the Randy Marsh is Lorde storyline, hinted at in Season 18, Episode 2. Warning spoilers ahead!

In an epsisode that may attract controversy (nothing new there), Cartman decides that he is transgender, meaning that he can use the girls' toilet at school. This plot then segues into the story of Stan's dad Randy, who uses the woman's bathroom at work, where he realises his desire to become a female pop star. 

He then begins to record songs with auto-tune (including a guest vocal from Lorde herself on 'Feeling Good On A Wednesday'), whilst hiding his real identity from his family. The episode ends when Randy is turfed out of the lady's bathroom at work, forcing him to discover it was his own talents that were responsible for his success.

Listen to Lorde on 'Feeling Good On A Wednesday' below


Closing with the town jamming out to Lorde, it demonstrates the show's penchant for positive messages obscured by toilet humour. If there are complaints, than sadly those people really have missed the joke.