Best of compilation with new tracks is coming next month
Andrew Trendell

09:54 1st October 2014

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David Bowie has teamed some of the artwork from his upcoming best of compilation album, Nothing Has Changed. Check it out above. 

The striking image comes from friend and photographer, Jimmy King - who was heavily involved in the few photos that emerged of Bowie during The Next Day campaign.

The photo was unveiled on Bowie's official Facebook page, with the message:


“Look in his eyes and see your reflection...”

The Jimmy King photograph accompanying this item is one of the images being used for part of the upcoming Nothing Has Changed campaign."

"Much more than that we cannot tell you right now, suffice to say, keep your eye out for next week’s NME (Issue dated October 11th, street date October 8th), which will feature an explanation of the artwork concept for Nothing Has Changed, among other things."

David Bowie is also set to release a new single 'Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)' as part of Nothing Has Changed. The new single was specially recorded by Tony Visconti this year and will be released as a limited edition 10" single. The new collection is released on 17 November and contains music from his 50 year career from 1964-2014 including rarities such as 'Your Turn To Drive' and the 2001 version of 'Shadow Man' and James Murphy 'Hello Steve Reich Mix' of 'Love Is Lost' (although sadly not the ten minute version).

Nothing Has Changed takes its name from a lyric on Heathen. The Thin White Duke is also the subject of David Bowie Is, a film documenting the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition from 2012.

The tracklisting for Nothing Has Changed is below:

CD 1
1. Sue (or In A Season Of Crime)
2. Where Are We Now?
3. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA Edit)
4. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
5. New Killer Star (radio edit)
6. Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (edit)
7. Slow Burn (radio edit)
8. Let Me Sleep Beside You (3.14)
9. Your Turn To Drive (4.44)
10. Shadow Man (4.48)
11. Seven (Marius De Vries mix) 
12. Survive (Marius De Vries mix)
13. Thursday’s Child (radio edit)
14. I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1) (clean edit)
15. Little Wonder (edit)
16, Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Remix) (with The Pet Shop Boys)
17. Heart’s Filthy Lesson (radio edit)
18. Strangers When We Meet (single version)

CD 2:
1. Buddha Of Suburbia
2. Jump They Say (radio edit)
3, Time Will Crawl (MM remix)
4. Absolute Beginners (single version)
5. Dancing In The Street (with Mick Jagger)
6. Loving The Alien (single remix)
7. This Is Not America (with The Pat Metheny Group)
8. Blue Jean
9. Modern Love
10. China Girl
11. Let's Dance (single version)
12.  Fashion (single version)
13. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (single version)
14. Ashes To Ashes (single version)
15, Under Pressure (with Queen)
16. Boys Keep Swinging
17. ‘Heroes’ (single version)
18. Sound And Vision
19. Golden Years (single version)
20. Wild Is The Wind (2010 Harry Maslin Mix)

CD 3
1. Fame
2, Young Americans (2007 Tony Visconti mix single edit)
3. Diamond Dogs
4. Rebel Rebel
5. Sorrow
6. Drive-In Saturday
7.All The Young Dudes
8. The Jean Genie (original single mix)
9. Moonage Daydream
10. Ziggy Stardust
11. Starman (original single mix)
12. Life On Mars? (2003 Ken Scott Mix)
13. Oh! You Pretty Things
14. Changes
15. The Man Who Sold The World
16. Space Oddity
17. In The Heat Of The Morning
18. Silly Boy Blue
19. Can’t Help Thinking About Me
20. You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving
21. Liza Jane

The double vinyl tracklist is: 

Let's Dance (single version) 
Ashes To Ashes (single version) 
‘Heroes’’ (single version)
Life On Mars?
Space Oddity 
Starman (original single mix) 
Ziggy Stardust
The Jean Genie (original single mix)
Rebel Rebel 
Golden Years (single version) 
Sound And Vision 
Under Pressure
Sue (or In A Season Of Crime)
Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys remix) - with The Pet Shop Boys 
China Girl (single version) 
Modern Love (single version)
Absolute Beginners (single version) 
Where Are We Now? 

Below: 12 things that men of David Bowie's age (67) should not be doing

  • Writhe around on the floor with Tilda Swinton: Most 68-year-old men can't, but Bowie bloody can. Why? Because they're one and the same: Andrognynous, sphinx-like, immortal, incredible.

  • Offend the Christian world by dressing as Christ: Yup, for most men, they leave their Jesus smocks and their sacrilegious ways in their mid-to-late 20s, but Bowie's video for The Next Day's title track invited The Catholic League to brand him a "switch-hitting, bisexual senior citizen from London".

  • Put clothes on show: Imagine if your dad or some random 68-year-old bloke put his wardrobe on display to world. It would largely be cardigans and Matalan jeans. But no - the David Bowie Is exhibition was a masterclass in the art of fashion.

  • Hold hands with Lorde: 'Man in late 60s finds 17-year-old girl at party to hold hands'. Pretty creepy headline, eh? Well, normally yes - but this was just one legend passing on musical wisdom to a rising star. Recalling when Bowie met Lorde at Tilda Swinton's birthday, Lorde said: "It was super cute - for some reason we were holding hands and just staring into each other’s eyes and talking, and I was like, 'This is David Bowie's hand, what am I doing?' It was insane. A beautiful moment."

  • Top the Official Record Store chart: When most men of that age enter an independent record store, it's usually to ask for directions to the nearest BHS - but not Bowie. In 2013, The Next Day was deservedly the most-bought album in independent UK record stores for the year.

  • Make Arcade Fire even cooler: Say 'Arcade Fire' to most men of that age and they'll call the emergency services and mourn the loss of another 2p machine, but say it to Bowie and he jumps on board to make their already awesome comeback track 'Reflektor' all the better - drenching it with his inimitably mind-melting croon.

  • Look this good for Louis Vuitton: Mutton dressed as lamb? Never. Just a genius, dressed a king.

  • Inspire Lady Gaga: Last year, Gaga told Alan Carr: "Every morning I wake up and I think 'what would Bowie do?'" Rather than turn on Radio 4, eat porridge and complain about the traffic, what that means from this 68-year-old is usually something baffling, unexpected and game-changing.

  • Dance around with dolls of himself: Most men in their 60s would get sectioned locked up in a home for this, but the music video for James Murphy's remix of 'Love Is Lost' was one of the coolest and most compelling of the year (and it was made for just eight quid)

  • Sound good in clubs: Yeah, your old man would do well to stay away from 'discotheques' (I bet they still call them that as well), but with James Murphy's epic Steve Reich remix of 'Love Is Lost', no 68-year-old has ever sounded this brilliant or vital on the dancefloor.

  • Be talking about drugs, sex and war all at once: Yep, it's enough to make most older men blush. But Bowie's brilliantly vivid lyrics to The Next Day highlight 'I'd Rather Be High' show him as still one of the best narrators of all time.

  • Look this cool/young in a flat-cap: Seriously, how does he do it? No wonder he was crowned one of GQ's best dressed men of 2014.

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Photo: Press/Jimmy King