The band played Radio 4's Mastertapes yesterday
gigwise intern
09:58 20th September 2014

Manic Street Preachers played a special Holy Bible show for BBC Radio 4's Mastertapes series yesterday, where they revealed that more tour dates are coming on Tuesday.

There has been much debate as to whether the band will play gigs to commemorate their seminal 1994 classic LP - espcially after they dropped a number of tracks at their Futurology launch gig at Rough Trade last month

According to Manics fans who were at yesterday's Mastertapes show, which included a Q&A afterwards, the speculation may soon be over - the band are set to reveal tour news on Tuesday morning (pushed back from Monday).

Speaking to Gigwise about the album, frontman James Dean Bradfield said: "We actually feel the looming presence of 20th anniversary of The Holy Bible, I think we feel it quite a lot. We're a bit scared of it really. If we were ever a band who felt like the past defined us too much, and that our past contained too much baggage for us to haul around, I think we'd be finished. We are constantly asked about our past because so much has happened, and naturally we're on our 12th album. If you're so scared of the past like that, it's just game over."

He continued: "If you say 'that's it, I'm never playing that song again' and think there's some kind of Brownie points to be won by making that stance, then that's just sad. "If you're defined by something you've done that you think is awful, then you just end up making wrong decisions all over the place. There are obviously moments like 'The Love Of Richard Nixon' that are not hard to stand by, but hard to see why we released it as the first single for our album. More often than not, we still get some kind of power and rush because we were so obsessed and in the moment when we created it.

"We've never stopped making records so we don't really need to do that Royal Festival Hall circuit. If we do it, I think we'll do it with the confidence that the active part of the band is still there, and making records."

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