Irish singer performs acoustic version of new single for Gigwise
Alexandra Pollard and Ed Keeble

12:36 15th September 2014

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When Hozier's name becomes as ubiquitous as it deserves to be, and is already becoming, 'Take Me To Church' will be cited as the song that started it all. Soulful, bitter and witty in equal measures, it's one of those rare numbers which, in 4 minutes and 2 seconds, restores your faith in the power and originality of new music. It seemed only fitting then, while we had him in Brick Lane's Vibe Bar, that he kicked things off with an acoustic version of 'Take Me To Church'.

Watch Hozier perform 'Take Me To Church' for Gigwise in the video above

"I wouldn't like to think of it as an indictment against religion or an indictment against institutions," he told us. "It would perhaps be an indictment against institutions that undermine some of the more natural parts of being a person. Undermine humanity in some way, shape or form."

'Take Me To Church' is released today, and Hozier's eponymous debut album is out on 6 October. He's also playing at London's Koko on Wednesday (17 September). For tickets and more information, click here.

Watch Hozier perform 'Take Me To Church' above

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