Not 'the brightest button'...
10:38 17th October 2005
MaccaPaul McCartney has slammed Yoko Ono saying she is not “the brightest of buttons.”

Macca said that although he doesn’t want to get into a feud with John Lennon’s widow he thinks she has said some stupid things in her time.

The response comes after Yoko Ono’s comments at last week’s Q awards where Ono joked about his ‘june with spoon’ rhymes.

Speaking to the Sunday Express Macca said that he only respects her for being John Lennon’s wife and nothing else. He said: "I don't think she's the brightest of buttons.

“I don't want to get into a bun fight but she's said some particularly daft things in her time. I don't take any notice of her to tell you the truth".