Singer's comeback keeps getting better
Elliot Mitchell

09:31 1st September 2014

After her glorious comeback to the live stage, Kate Bush has set a new UK chart record, with eight of her albums charting in the top 40 this week.

In the wake of her majestic comeback shows, which kicked off earlier this week to critical acclaim, Bush is officially the first woman to have that many albums in the charts at one time.

Hounds of Love and The Whole Story placed at numbers three and six respectively, whilst 50 words For Snow placed at number 20.

Despite not performing any material from it in her new live show, her debut album The Kick Inside placed at 24, with The Dreaming at 37, Never For Ever at 38 and Lionheart at 40.

This marks the second chart record for Bush, who became the first female artist to go to number one in the official single charts back in 1978 with ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Watch the video for ‘Wuthering Heights’ below:

Official Charts Company Chief Executive Martin Talbot commented on the new record, telling the BBC: "Her new live shows have created a huge stir, but for them to help push her catalogue to make such a significant sales impact is further evidence of the love that the British public have for her music, from generation to generation.”

Kate Bush’s run of live shows, which famously sold out in 15 minutes earlier this year continue until October. For more information and ticket details visit here, full dates are below.

Tuesday, 2nd September
Wednesday, 3rd September
Friday, 5th September
Saturday, 6th September
Tuesday, 9th September
Wednesday, 10th September
Friday, 12th September
Saturday, 13th September
Tuesday, 16th September
Wednesday, 17th September
Friday, 19th September

Below: 8 things we learned from Kate Bush's London comeback gig

  • No one's going to get to see much of it: Prior to the gig, Bush posted a statement on her website which said, "It would mean a great deal to me if you would please refrain from taking photos or filming during the show. I know it's a lot to ask but it would allow us to all share in the experience together." For most of her fans, she was just too darn polite to disobey. (Photo: Splash)

  • She has really, really dedicated fans: Some spent literally thousands of dollars coming from the US and beyond for the show, many cried when they secured tickets, and one fan told reporters, "If I die after tonight, everyone should be totally OK with it." (Photo: Splash)

  • Every celebrity on the planet was in the crowd: Lily Allen, Gemma Arterton, Anna Calvi, Frank Skinner, Lauren Laverne... The list goes on. We're not bitter or anything though, we're sure they got up early in the morning and spent an hour tensely refreshing the sixteen tabs they had open to buy tickets. We're absolutely sure of it. (Photo: WENN)

  • Her merchandise is not just T-shirts and CDs: Don't get us wrong, all of the usual merch you'd expect to buy was available, but you could also purchase elaborate programmes, pendants, fish masks and first aid kits - all of which made sense as the show progressed, but the first aid kit probably led some to wonder just how avant-garde this show would be. Should they be fearing for their safety? (Photo: REX)

  • She's not afraid of being too theatrical: There were four acts to the show. There was an interval. The RSC director was involved. Basically, this was a full-blown dramatic production, which just happened to be helmed by one of the most famous singers in existence. Highlights included a dramatic staging of the Ninth Wave album which involved a life boat, a puppeteer and confetti canons which splurted out not gold ribbons, but a poetry extract. Of course. (Photo: REX)

  • No matter how much you paid for tickets, she's not going to do the hits for you: In an intense, layered, four-act, dramatic show, Bush still couldn't muster the inclination to play 'Wuthering Heights'. The strangest thing about that? No one minded - because it was Bush at her best, rather than 'the best of Bush'. (Photo: REX)

  • She's not going to do an encore, no matter how loud you cheer: Despite the fact that the crowd clapped, yelled, stomped and chanted for a solid ten minutes, the end of Bush's exquisitely crafted show was just that - the end. It's important to remember that this is as much a piece of performance art as it is a gig. You wouldn't go and see Romeo & Juliet and demand that the leads come back and stab themselves one more time.

  • 35 years away from the stage hasn't hurt her stamina: The show lasted 3 hours. Not only did Bush manage to sing song after song for this long (try saying that when you're drunk), she also managed to keep up with the full-blown shipwreck re-enactment and countless other aforementioned energy-sapping endeavours. Good luck keeping that up for 22 more shows, Kate.

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