Harry and Sam Koisser reveal all to Gigwise backstage at Reading
Ed Keeble, Andrew Trendell

11:33 27th August 2014

Peace have opened up about their forthcoming album, saying that it will be far more 'experimental' than previous releases and is slated for release in February 2015.

Watch Peace discussing their upcoming album above

Speaking to Gigwise backstage at this years Reading festival, Sam and Harry Koisser went into detail about the release. Over the last year they said that they have gone through a process of altering both their live show for the better, experimenting, but at the same time expanding on their original sound. 

"It's finished, we're just waiting for the right time to release it," said Harry Koisser. "We would've loved to do it earlier but apparently you've got to do things in the lead up to it."

"Why can't we just put it on Youtube? But no you've gotta build it up. So that's what we're doing now and I think we're going to put it out in January." 

He continued: "I think it kind of expands on every element of our sound that we've already covered. Our thing isn't linear, we're not 'this is us', we're like 'this is us, these are our directions, then this one goes even further in each way'. It seems a bit boring to just be like, "right, we're this and then we're going to do this and so it well.""

Harry added: "As long as you've got songs you can do what you want with them. So that's our idea, write songs that sound good on acoustic guitar and then do whatever the fuck you want with them."

"I think if you take us at face value you might be a little unsettled by some of the songs on it. But I'd like to think that people can kind of like digest it a little bit and chew it up and be like: "okay it doesn't sound like Lovesick but I like it". 

"And it's still us and we're still just making music and being guys. But I hope people understand that it's like we're having fun with it and experimenting a little bit."

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