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by Alexandra Pollard | Photos by Twitter

Tags: Aphex Twin

There's an Aphex Twin blimp flying over London

Could this mean new music?


There's an Aphex Twin blimp flying over London

Photo: Twitter

As we write this, an Aphex Twin blimp is flying over London. No one is really sure why.

News of the strange flying object broke on Twitter as confused Aphex Twin fans posted photos. The blimp is emblazoned with "2014", which could mean that Richard D. James is set to make a return to music.

The English electronic musician and composer released his last studio album over ten years ago in 2001, so new music has been a long time coming. A few months ago, a test pressing of an unreleased 1994 album, Caustic Window, surfaced online. 

One tweet, from @heyjackcooper, said: "Just spoke to the guy at the Aphex Twin blimp, he was super shady and wouldn't tell me anything, but said 'it's gonna be good'."

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