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by Alexandra Pollard

Michael Cera on his album: 'I don't know much about music'

The actor released an album on Bandcamp this week


Michael Cera on his album: 'I don't know much about music'


Michael Cera has admitted he's surprised that people are listening to his new album, and that he really doesn't know much about music "or any kind of musical concepts."

The comedy actor released the album, which we will politely describe as lo-fi folk, on Bandcamp, and it is available to download for "$7 or more." The album is mostly instrumentals, and also features a nice cover of Blaze Foley's 'Clay Pigeons'. 

Listen to True That below

Speaking of the album's release to Stereogum, Cera said: "It's surprising to me that people are aware of it now, and are listening to it. I'm always trying to play music with friends. So I don't know that I'd add anything to this or just leave that alone."

As for the, um, unpolished nature of many of the songs, Cera admitted he had "limited knowledge" of playing music. "I guess [it started with] just sitting down at a piano and kind of seeing what I can do - which is, you know, very limited." He added, "I don't know much about music or any kinds of musical concepts. So I really just do the kinds of things my hands are capable of."

This isn't Cera first foray into music - he contributed to a track from Weezer's 2010 Hurley album, and has played bass for Mister Heavenly. He also sang with Ellen Page in the 2007 comedy drama Juno.

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