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by Ed Keeble

Tags: Drake

Blame Drake for 'YOLO' being added to the Oxford Dictionary

The rapper coined the phrase in 2010


Blame Drake for 'YOLO' being added to the Oxford Dictionary


This week it was announced that YOLO ("you only live once") was being added to the Oxford English Dictionary, a fact that you can blame Drake for.

Other depressing words that have sullied our beautiful Queen's English include: amazeballs, sideboob, binge-watch, hate-watch, ICYMI (in case you missed it), FML (fuck my life), and SMH (shake my head). 

However the worst offendor YOLO, comes courtesy of Drake, who created the phrase back in 2011 song, 'The Motto'. The exact line from the track reads: You only live once: that's the motto, nigga, YOLO. 

 Listen to 'The Motto' by Drake below

Since then, the word (or should that be ACRONYM), has gone on to be adopted to justify all manner of idiotic acts over the past three years. Including the death of aspiring rapper Ervin McKinnes who tweeted "YOLO" while drunk driving and then crashed his car.

Below - That's SO Drake: The most Drake-iest things Drake has ever done

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